Moving from Sphinxsearch to Elasticsearch

I wanted to provide some information regarding upcoming back-end change to the search functionality that powers all of my Reddit APIs. In the past, I have used Sphinxsearch extensively as it seemed like a good fit for full-text searching and provided a simple SQL like system for doing full-text searches (by using inverted indexes). Unfortunately, as of late last year, there have been no further updates to Sphinxsearch and commits have stopped for the project on their Github.

After reviewing Elasticsearch, I have decided to use it going forward. It has a lot of support behind it and is almost as fast as Sphinxsearch when using one node but scales far more easily which makes it a great replacement.

If you have any questions about the changeover, please let me know. I also plan to expose the elasticsearch back-end itself to GET requests so that it can be queried directly!


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