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This utility will help you discover new Reddit subreddits based on your interests.  Currently, there are over one million public subreddits and over 300,000 private ones.  This tool can be used to help find public subreddits based on the term you specify.  You can also view the top subreddits based on subscriber count and use other parameters (like NSFW) to discover the top subreddits in various categories.  To get started, use the controls below to search for subreddits and refine your search criteria until you discover something that interests you!

To get started, enter a word or phrase in the “Query Term” text field. The “Minimum Subscribers” field filters out subreddits that are very small (usually with a very low number of subscribers). This number is adjustable, so if you want to see everything, set this field to “0”. The “NSFW Setting” option allows you to restrict results to SFW subreddits, NSFW subreddits or both (the default). The next setting allows you to sort results by relevancy (recommended), the subscriber count or the creation date of the subreddit. The last setting allows you to restrict results based on the type of subreddit with “Public Subreddits” being the default option.

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