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This tool is designed to help people discover interesting Twitter users based on specific search criteria. You can use this tool to discover Twitter users by searching for terms within the user description, location and name fields. You can further filter your results by using other filters such as the verified filter (to restrict results to include on verified accounts or non-verified accounts).

For example, to discover Twitter users that are interested in data science, you can use the term “data science” in the description field. This will return users with that term present in their description. You can also combine terms to further drill down the results. Putting “data science” OR astronomy will return all users with the term “data science” or astronomy in their description. You can further filter the results by including terms in the location field. For example, to return accounts related to Denver weather, you can include Denver in the location field and Weather in the description field (quotes are not necessary to match one word phrases). You can also exclude words and phrases. To filter accounts that have the term “data science” but want to exclude the word physics from the result, you can do a search for “data science” -physics. After performing a search, you can download the data by clicking the Download Results (csv) button. You can also adjust the number of results returned by using the Number of Results field.

If you have any questions about how to use this tool, please e-mail [email protected]. Thank you! Ps: Add users and download tweets / tracking are under development.

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